If you need automatic transmission service and repair, Advanced Transmission Center is here to help. With over five decades of experience, our team has rebuilt over 25,000 transmissions for Denver residents, fleets, and municipalities. Trust us to take care of all your transmission needs and get you back on the road. Whether you drive foreign or domestic, our transmission experts have the training and tools to resolve your issue confidently. Choose the right service center for your needs. Call Advanced Transmission Center, the premier drivetrain experts in Colorado.


  • AAA Approved Auto Repair

AAA-Approved Drivetrain Specialists

Advanced diagnostic capabilities and continuous training are a must for any transmission specialist. Automatic transmissions have evolved from 2-speed transmissions in the 1950s and 1960s to computer-controlled transmissions with double-digit gearing in the newest models. Today, most vehicles on the road have four to six speeds with complex computer controls and countless mechanical transmission parts. It takes highly skilled technicians to understand transmission problems and repair them. Our team focuses on being the best transmission shop in Colorado and remains the state’s only AAA Approved drivetrain specialist.

AAA-Approved Drivetrain Specialists
Get a Free Transmission Diagnostic

Get a Free Transmission Diagnostic

Addressing a transmission problem starts with accurately diagnosing an internal transmission issue. Since the 1980s, the Advanced Transmission Center team has perfected transmission diagnosis with our proprietary TrueTest Inspection. With a TrueTest inspection, you get a thorough examination of your vehicle. This process includes a fluid level and condition exam, computer diagnostics for transmission-related check engine lights, a road test, and a multipoint lift test.

Options for Repair

No matter what type of transmission you have, we have a repair solution for your needs. There are numerous solutions to fixing a broken transmission, but not all are reliable. Our drivetrain experts typically recommend an in-house rebuilt transmission by one of our specialists or a remanufactured transmission from a national brand. Both are quality options with solid warranties to back them up.

Other options, such as a used transmission swap or a “spot” repair, are not ideal. These repair solutions are often a gamble. Even if they work in the short term, the clock is ticking before customers face a repeat problem. The last thing you want is another expensive transmission service at the repair shop. The Advanced Transmission Center team aims to be a long-term solution for your transmission service needs.

Automatic Transmission Repair Costs

Like engine replacement, a transmission rebuild or remanufactured transmission is one of the most expensive repairs on a vehicle. It is labor-intensive and requires extensive investment in parts. As the average age of cars on the road increases, major repairs, such as transmission replacements, continue to grow. The cost of parts and labor has skyrocketed in recent years with inflation, yet transmission repair costs are still more reasonable that replacing your vehicle with a new or used car or truck.


One of the most critical factors in determining whether to invest in costly transmission repair is warranty coverage. Advanced Transmission Center offers world-class warranty coverage on all of our repairs. Working with experts avoids any high-risk “quick fixes” that may leave you stranded. We stand behind our work with industry-leading warranties that give you peace of mind for the future. Whether you choose an in-house rebuild or remanufactured transmission replacement, our professionals repair your transmission correctly, the first time.

Moreover, our association with the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) allows us to offer comprehensive protection for customers seeking nationwide coverage on locally rebuilt transmissions.

Automatic transmission rebuilders association
Choose the Right Transmission Service Center For Your Vehicle

Choose the Right Transmission Service Center For Your Vehicle

Previously, identifying mechanical faults was a straightforward process. However, with the rise in electrical complexities within transmissions, intricate diagnostic procedures have become essential for proper transmission diagnosis. Due to the high expenses associated with training and tooling, many auto repair shops steer clear of transmission problems. Fortunately, at Advanced Transmission Center, our experts specialize in transmission diagnosis and are equipped to solve any driveline issues. We service all major vehicle manufacturers and models and are committed to ensuring that your transmission is operating smoothly and fixed correctly, the first time.

Best Transmission Shop

At Advanced Transmission Center, we consider ourselves the doctors for your vehicle’s drivetrain. Our services range from routine transmission maintenance to comprehensive diagnostic assessments and repairs, making us the best solution for all your needs.

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Trust a team that is concerned about your convenience and offers Free Towing and Fast Service.

If you have a transmission concern and need a quality solution, Advanced Transmission Center has the proven expertise, customer service, and integrity to serve you. For decades, we’ve helped thousands of Denver clients. We continue to operate with the same moto: “Geared for Customer Satisfaction!” Call either of our locations and get scheduled for a transmission inspection today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your problem can be related to your computer. However, chances are it’s not the computer itself unless it’s a known issue for your vehicle. While the Transmission Control Module (computer) can go bad, a high mileage vehicle with shifting issues likely has an internal transmission issue. Transmissions are adaptive, therefore, the computer adjusts its shifting and commands to the unit based on various factors including CVI (clutch volume index measures fluid volume needed to engage frictions), vehicle speed, engine load, etc. If the transmission control module detects a problem, it will often change how the transmission operates to let you know you should have it checked. In some cases, it might put the vehicle in a “limp mode.” Even though the transmission control module may be causing your transmission to act oddly, it is operating according to the inputs it receives from other sensors which could be faulty. Our TrueTest™ Inspection starts with a diagnosis of fault codes to determine if a TCM has self-identified electrical issues, though it’s most common to have an internal transmission problem which can be mechanical or electronic. There are certain rare cases where a transmission is bad and needs replacement or repair, yet the culprit is the TCM. Unfortunately, in some situations a technician cannot identify the root cause of the issue until there is a properly operating transmission in-place.
Like most things, the time it takes to repair a transmission varies. We aim for Fast Service though customers should keep in mind, transmission repair is labor-intensive and parts availability can cause delays. Luckily, there are some transmissions we commonly rebuild that our team maintains in our inventory. This implies our team of transmission specialists can complete a transmission inspection, report results to a customer, receive a authorization for an RDI (removal, disassembly, and inspection), pull the transmission from the vehicle, complete a teardown and inspection of the unit, price the rebuild strategy, communicate the findings and repair pricing to customers, install a previously rebuilt transmission, and complete quality checks, all in 1-2 days. However, this is the best case scenario. Most in-house rebuilds take 1-2 weeks depending on availability of parts. In situations where a remanufactured transmission is the best solution for a customer, it can take up to three weeks for our team to receive a unit built by a 3rd party.
Some general automotive repair facilities have master-level technicians that are capable of fixing a transmission problem. However, those elite technicians are human and if they are not addressing transmission issues commonly, there is a higher likelihood for mistakes compared to a transmission specialty shop that does nothing but transmission and drivetrain work. Moreover, many general automotive shops that communicate that they do transmission work, actually sublet their work to us. If their trusted customers prefer the convenience of working with one auto repair facility, that is a win-win for everyone involved. Ultimately, we recommend trusting the most complex part of your vehicle to the specialists.
Both CVTs (continuously variable transmissions) and DCTs (dual clutch transmissions) are variations of automatic transmissions. Each has its own weaknesses and repair strategies. Our experience is that CVT units from Nissan and Subaru tend to have high failure rates. In these circumstances, we recommend a unit replacement. In certain low mileage circumstances, a Subaru valve body replacement could address the issue, however, it can be a gamble. The DCTs are found in Ford passenger vehicles and our team is capable of completing in-house repairs on this transmission. Unfortunately, the design of the transmissions prevents the repairs from being reliable long-term, therefore, the warranty is limited to one year. We recommend customers do significant research on a vehicle’s drivetrain prior to purchasing a car or SUV with a CVT or DCT - it is better to know what you are getting into before making a commitment on a vehicle with a high rate of transmission failure!