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Power Flush

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Our Transaction transmission Power Flush equipment is the only flush machine that changes 100% of your transmission fluid and your filter, prolonging the life of your transmission.

We will perform our free TrueTestTM Inspection before we flush your transmission.

Here is how it works. Your filter is inside the transmission pan. We remove both the transmission pan and the filter. Then we attached the flusher and start the vehicle to pump in the new fluid and pump out the old fluid into the drain pan. This ensures that 100% of the old fluid is released as we replace it with clean fluid.

Most flush machines push fluid through the cooler lines. They never remove the transmission pan, so they never replace the filter and they can’t remove all of the old fluid.

When you should change your fluid or have a power flush depends on the type of fluid and your specific vehicle. Check your owner’s manual for intervals for your specific vehicle or call us, and we will look it up for you.

Some manufactures say you never need to change your transmission fluid. In our opinion there is not a “lifetime” fluid. The “lifetime” of your transmission will be longer if you change your fluid. Call and we will recommend when you should have your transmission fluid changed.

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