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Ford Fiesta Transmission

The Ford Focus & Ford Dual Clutch Transmission

For those in the United States, it is easy to think of Ford Motor Company being as American as apple pie or baseball. However, Ford is a truly international company and has been designing, building, and selling vehicles all over the world for … Read More

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4-Wheel Drive (4×4) Repair

Colorado drivers know that the weather changes frequently, and sunny fall and winter days can rapidly turn into snowstorms that snarl traffic and leave people stuck on the side of the road. As a result, 4-wheel drive vehicles are extremely popular in Colorado, … Read More

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8-Speed, 9-Speed, and 10-Speed Transmission Problems

Due to changes in federal law and increased consumer demand, automotive manufacturers have been working hard to find ways to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and increase performance. One of the most visible changes of this push has been the introduction of automatic transmissions … Read More

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Transmission & Driveline Maintenance During Winter

As the seasons change, it is time for Colorado drivers to face the realities of winter driving. Most drivers know that cold and snow mean paying attention to engine oil, antifreeze, tires, and windshield wipers. However, very few drivers think about the need … Read More

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Record High Vehicle Age Leads to Increased Transmission Repair

To start 2022, the average age of domestic vehicles on the road increased to 15.2 years.  This is an increase from a fleet age under 13 years only a decade ago.  This trend of older vehicles on the road is expected to continue … Read More

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Transmission Leaks

Why is my transmission leaking? Automatic transmissions use transmission fluid to cool internal parts, lubricate bearing surfaces, and to hydraulically operate switches and solenoids inside of the transmission.  Like anything that is full of fluid, an automatic transmission can start leaking over time.  … Read More

Posted in Transmission Tech, Vehicle | Leave a comment Names Advanced Transmission Center to List of Best Auto Repair Shops in Denver – 2022

To be the first and only transmission brand awarded and included on the “Best Auto Repair Shops in Denver” list by is a great honor.  The Advanced Transmission Center team is humbled to be on a list of the most ethical, honest, … Read More

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Transfer Case and 4×4 Introduction

The transfer case has been the little brother to the transmission for decades.  Although an integral part of the drivetrain, it is an optional component that few drivers think about.  Adding insult to injury, this component has changed names and has been characterized … Read More

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Is Transmission Repair Worth It?

Normally, it depends.  Today, yes. Transmission repair is often the second most expensive repair on a vehicle, behind an engine replacement.  Customers contemplating a transmission replacement typically research what their vehicle is worth.  They do this from sources such as Kelly Blue Book … Read More

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The Original 5-Star Review

A good old fashion neighborhood garage is hard to find, but it’s even harder to find a customer who appreciates that service so much that they will put pen to paper and stamp to envelope. This is exactly what Bill Wolfe did in … Read More

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