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In-House Transmission Rebuild Department

Geared for Customer Satisfaction

Our team includes professionally trained transmission rebuilders with nearly 100 years of combined transmission rebuilding experience. No other transmission specialist in Denver metro can say the same. Our In-House Rebuild Department has rebuilt thousands of transmissions across 4 decades for all makes and models.

Customer Education

Customer education is an important principle of our business.

Accurate Transmission Diagnosis - Transmission Rebuild ShopMany Denver auto repair shops, including dealerships, will recommend a full transmission replacement. Often this is not the best solution for a customer. Then why do they do this? Simple; nearly all general auto repair shops do not have the expertise to perform the complex transmission rebuilding process in-house.  Surprisingly, many repair shops that advertise themselves as transmission specialist also do not maintain in-house rebuilding expertise.

Sometimes customers are told they should purchase a “new” transmission over a transmission rebuild. This is usually misleading. Often when a transmission is need of repair, that specific transmission model is no longer manufactured as a “new” entire unit. Then what is a dealership or a repair shop selling? Normally these “new” transmissions are remanufactured transmissions in a factory where quality standards vary greatly.

Complete Transmission Rebuild

  1. Identify and Repair the Cause of Failure.  Normally there is a single cause of failure that leads to customers bringing their vehicles into a repair facility.  Our first objective is the identify that cause of failure and then incorporate a part replacement or repair in our rebuild strategy.
  2. Soft Parts.  There are countless wearable parts in a transmission that degrade over time. Seals, gaskets, clutches, check balls, o-rings, snap rings, and other parts should not be expected to last for the entire life of a vehicle. In many cases, soft parts have deteriorated due to high vehicle mileage and that is the cause of failure. These rebuilds are more budget friendly as they may only require a master rebuild kit which includes all the soft parts, a rebuilt torque converter, and fresh transmission fluid. Even if a soft part is not the cause of failure, at Advanced Transmission Center we always replace these soft parts to ensure longevity of a transmission.
  3. Marginal Parts.  Regardless of the exact cause of failure, most rebuilds have numerous components that are showing wear. Does it make sense to complete a transmission rebuild only to leave certain marginal parts in that transmission? This approach might save a few dollars upfront but can cost the customer thousands of dollars a few months later when today’s marginal parts fail down the road.
  4. Other Known Failures.  Our In-House Rebuild Department maintains both its own library of known failures and also reviews national data on design flaws for each transmission model. If you are going through a transmission rebuild, wouldn’t you want a transmission specialist that intimately knows the design of your specific transmission? We take into consideration common causes of failure and rebuild your transmission where in many cases it is better than the original transmission because we have address known weaknesses.

You can read more about our rebuild process on our Transmission Blog from December 2018 titled, “What Should a Quality Transmission Rebuild Entail?

Accurate Diagnosis

Successful transmission repair starts with an accurate diagnosis. We employ our TrueTestTM Inspection to provide thorough and honest results to our customers. Our technicians follow the evolution of transmission technology and regularly attend transmission seminars. As new designs and technologies are incorporated in transmissions, our knowledge of, tooling for and approach in transmission repair adapts. There are numerous components to a drive-train and we can identify if your vehicle requires a repair on the transmission, transfer cases, differential or other parts. Our TrueTestTM Inspection is absolutely free and the first step in a successful transmission repair.

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In-House Transmission Rebuild Benefits

Comprehensive Transmission Warranty - Advanced Transmission Center -  Transmission Rebuild ShopThere are numerous reasons a transmission rebuild in-house is superior to other options. First, by doing all the work ourselves, we control the quality of the rebuild and repair of every transmission, transfer case, and differential that leaves our shops. Our in-house rebuilding department ensures that only the highest quality parts are used. When available we prefer American-made tools and parts. Our network of nationwide parts suppliers helps us to keep your costs as low as possible, without cutting any corners.

We also use several technical support sites for the most up-to-date manufacturer service bulletins. These sites provide support services dedicated to transmission repair, transfer case repair, and electronic and control module (computer) operation. This helps us provide you a high-quality rebuild.

Read more about our ability to provide your Fast Service to get your vehicle back on the road.

Cost savings can be achieved especially if a customer is considering a “new” transmission from a dealership or general auto repair shop. They buy a 3rd party transmission and mark it up to make a profit. The quality is unknown, and the warranty is often inferior. We recognize there are often cheaper solutions than a transmission rebuild yet it is the most cost-effective way to achieve a quality repair with the benefit of a warranty that covers both parts and labor.  Read about our Comprehensive Transmission Warranty. We will treat you like family and stand behind our work.