• AAA Approved for Transmission Repair


Free TrueTestTM Inspection

Because there is nothing more valuable than an accurate diagnoses

With a Free TrueTestTM Inspection from Advanced Transmission Centers, you can be sure we have pinpointed your vehicle’s specific issues and are only quoting you for the repairs you need. We use three different types of computer scanning equipment to make sure we get the most accurate diagnosis for your make and model. And then our transmission specialists perform numerous hands-on tests to guarantee we fully understand what’s broken and what’s not before we provide our repair estimate. This is what makes us the leader in repairing Denver transmissions. Free towing is always available with repairs.

Whenever possible, our written estimates include multiple options so you can make the best repair decision for your budget and vehicle

TrueTestTM Inspection Components:

Computer Diagnostic Scan

  • Use the right equipment for car make and model
  • Scan all modules
  • Monitor any sensors or solenoids setting trouble codes
  • Record all trouble codes

Fluid Level Test

Check the fluid for correct level, not low or over full

Fluid Condition Test

Assess condition of your fluid; inspecting for burnt residue, contamination or deterioration

Road Test

  • Road test to accurately identify your car’s driving characteristics
  • Check operation of four-wheel drive (where applicable)

Multi-Point Lift Test

  • Inspect for transmission leaks
  • Inspect for engine oil leaks
  • Inspect for coolant leaks
  • Inspect all electronic connection on the transmission
  • Inspect CV axles
  • Inspect universal joints and drive shafts
  • Inspect engine and transmission mounts
  • Inspect for engine oil leaks
  • Check Transfer case fluid level
  • Check differential fluid level

Transmission Pan Examination

Remove and inspect the transmission pan for metal and friction material

We will show you the results of all of these tests and give you all options available. This process gives you piece of mind that you are working with the leader in Denver Transmission repair.