What Makes the New Corvette C8 Transmission So Unique?

When renowned vehicle brands release a new model, enthusiasts pay attention. Fresh models bring a stunning aesthetic to the road. Aside from eye-catching design, automotive brands can send a message. When GM revealed their redesigned C8 Corvette, enthusiasts noticed a stark difference to past releases: a transmission difference.

Why does the transmission make GM fans pause for a second glance? What makes the C8 Corvette transmission so unique?

Automatic Transmission

Of course, automatic transmissions – utilized by millions of vehicles – are not unique in themselves. However, the sudden switch from a manual to an automatic transmission in the Corvette made onlookers gasp.

Since their conception in the early 1950s, Corvettes stood out for utilizing manual transmissions. Stick-shift Corvettes have been an envied commodity for decades. Therefore, releasing the C8 Corvette with an automatic transmission sent ripples across the automotive community: is the era of Corvettes with manual transmissions coming to an end? In the C8 series, it appears the automatic transmission as won the duel.

Eight-Speed, Dual-Clutch Model

Though without a manual transmission, the automatic modality installed in new C8 Corvette models is revolutionary. According to Chevrolet, the transmission has “lightning-fast shifts and excellent power transfer.” The transmission is paired with an “electronic transmission range selector,” working to remove mechanical cohesion between the transmission and a stick-shift. Interestingly, the range selector allows the driver to choose their own gear via a paddle shifter, if desired.

While these characteristics may resemble a manual transmission, the eight-speed transmission built into the C8 Corvette is entirely automatic. A driver will never use his hands to switch gears – the manual transmission is effectively deceased in the C8 Corvette.

Fuel Efficiency

New vehicles are trending towards automatic transmissions for better fuel economy – although manual transmission have historically been more fuel efficiency. However, as technology continues to advance, contemporary automatic transmissions are gradually offering better fuel performance in some vehicles. For example, Audi recently transitioned entirely from manual transmissions for this very purpose. IHS Markit states that only 3.5% of 2018 vehicle sales were stick shift, and the downward trend is projected into the future.

Mark Kielczewski of GM stated: “The best drivers cannot match the shift speeds of our latest automatics. The transmission detects if the vehicle is going up or down a hill, if the driver is on a curvy road and is driving aggressively or just driving smoothly, it makes the proper adjustments to keep the transmission in the right gear, at the right time, all the time.” With the recent release of the new 10-speed transmission, GM’s lofty statements have been realized.

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