Are Auto Shops Open During the Shutdown? Auto Services…

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious health and economic crisis that we as a society can only overcome with drastic measures such as those stay-at-home orders issues by our community leaders.

Links to the official orders by local authorities impacting our Advanced Transmission Center shops are below:

  • Jefferson County order on March 25, 2020 – CLICK HERE

Automotive repair is exempt from the stay-at-home orders as our industry is recognized as a “critical” or “essential” business. Nevertheless, the Advanced Transmission Center team was one of the first in the automotive repair industry to initiate new policies and procedures to maintain a clean and safe work environment while practicing responsible social distancing. Learn more about how to we are protecting our customers and our staff while we continue the important function of transmission and drivetrain repair

On to the important question many in society are asking…

What to do while sheltering in place?

Responsible and law-abiding Coloradans woke up this morning wondering what they can do today that does not include watching television, eating snacks and jogging around the neighborhood. We suggest dropping your vehicle off at Advanced Transmission Center for a free TrueTest InspectionTM. Normally it would be inconvenient to leave your vehicle at an auto repair shop but these days, most people don’t have as much use for their vehicle while society is largely shut down.

Why drop my vehicle off at a “repair” shop when my vehicle operates okay?

The best way to avoid a major repair bill down the road is preventative maintenance while the components of your vehicle are operating correctly. The major components of the drivetrain include the transmission, transfer case, driveshaft, differentials and axles. Each of these are wearable components, implying they all will require a rebuild or replacement at some point, however if you maintain them while they are operational, you can extend the longevity and health of these major components. Colorado drivers in particular should take into consideration the unique factors our geography presents that can lead to premature wear of the transmission and other major vehicle components.

What are some “preventative maintenance activities” for my vehicle drivetrain?

Below is a list of common maintenance activities the teams at Advanced Transmission Center regularly perform for our customers:

  • Transmission Service: Fluid is the lifeblood within a transmission. Periodic fluid exchanges help to extend the life of a transmission. There are, however, some risks to take into consideration. A transmission service and Power Flush are different and if the wrong one is selected it could be harmful to your vehicle. During our TrueTest InspectionTM, we can help determine what transmission service is ideal for your vehicle.
  • Transfer Case Service: The transfer case works to send power from the engine and transmission to all four wheels of the vehicle. Click here to learn more about Maintenance and Repair for 4-Wheel Drive systems. A transfer case normally does not hold a tremendous amount of fluid so a fairly economic service can save thousands of dollars in the long run when a transfer case rebuild is required. The fluid within transfer cases differs based on make and model so it is important to trust drivetrain experts that can identify the right fluid for your vehicle.
  • Differential Service: Wait, what does a differential do exactly? The differential allows the two wheels on the same axle to seamlessly complete turns even though the outside tire has to travel a greater distance than the inside tire, relative to the direction of the turn. In order to accomplish this, the outside tire needs to spin faster than the inside tire, creating a “differential” in tire rotation. This is accomplished by bearings within the differential. As time goes on the gear oil within these differentials can be exhausted and fail to lubricate and absorb heat. Under this circumstance the differential can emit noise and eventually fail. Rebuilding differentials can be difficult, pricey and sometimes impossible if parts availability becomes an issue. Complete a drain and fill service to avoid this heartache down the road.
  • Driveshaft and Axles: The major components of the drivetrain, including the wheels, are connected by the driveshaft and axles. If a driveshaft has a U-joint or carrier bearing with substantial mileage, not only will that component fail, but it can also damage the differential or transfer case it is connected to. Axles similarly should be inspected to ensure the seals are not leaking and the boot is not torn. If an axle seal is leaking at the transmission, the fluid within the transmission can run low and cause an internal transmission failure. If the boot is torn on the side of the axle connected to the wheel assembly, grease will be lost and eventually a hazardous driving condition is created. Our free TrueTest InspectionTM includes getting a vehicle in the air on a vehicle lift so that we can visually inspect these critical components for any early signs of failure. We are specialists so these type of repairs can be completed FAST.
  • Clutch Replacement: For vehicles equipped with a manual transmission, the clutch is an important component that allows the changing of gears within the transmission while disengaging and then engaging the engine to the transmission. Clutch discs have similar material on them as brake pads – they naturally wear over time and at a rate that is unique to each driver. Failure to replace a clutch or entrusting the work to a non-transmission specialist can cause transmission malfunction and damage the hydraulic components within the system including the master and slave cylinder. Inspection and replacement of the pilot and throw-out bearings are critical steps in any clutch replacement, as is resurfacing the flywheel – these are steps often skipped by general automotive mechanics.

Take the Stay-At-Home Order and Your Vehicle Health Seriously!

The teams at Advanced Transmission Center have serviced thousands of vehicles across five decades. We prioritize quality service with honest and friendly customer service. Given recent circumstances, it is as important as ever to maintain mobility to get groceries or even seek medical attention if needed. We would be glad to get you on the schedule at either our Lakewood or Westminster locations. In our current health crisis, we encourage social distancing to minimize the risk of infection therefore we request phone calls to discuss your vehicle concerns.

Advanced Transmission Center is open during the statewide shelter-in-place order, as we are considered a “critical business”. We are complying with all recommended safety protocols established by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, as well as Jefferson County Public Health. We have implemented staggered schedules for our technicians in order to reduce the number of personnel onsite at any given time. We are using commercial grade disinfectants to clean the contact areas of your vehicle before, during and after we work on it. We have established contactless procedures for dropping off your vehicle, or having us come to you for delivery after any major repair. For more info call our Westminster (Northwest Denver) location at (303) 421-4140, our Lakewood (Southwest Denver) location at (303) 922-4102 or contact us online.

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Written by Advanced Transmission Center