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Chevrolet Transmission Repair

The Advanced Transmission Center team completes transmission repair on Chevrolet vehicles more than any other brand. Chevrolet and its parent, General Motors, accounted for nearly 9 million vehicle sales annually!  In the United States, Chevy sells over 2 million vehicles per year.  We expect to see a high volume of Chevy trucks, Chevy sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and Chevy cars at our shops for many years so we continue to stay updated on the latest transmission designs, transmission trends, and Chevy transmission repair guidelines.

chevy transmission shop - Chevy Transmission repair experts

Trucks | Silverado Transmission Repairs

Chervrolet Silverado Truck - Chevrolet Transmission Specialists

The transmission our team rebuilds the most is the 4L60E found in numerous Chevy vehicles, most notably the Chevy Silverado.  With over 12 million Silverado trucks on the road, it is not surprising to see this transmission so often.  The 4L60E transmission was introduced in the mid-1990s and continued to be used in new vehicles through 2012 and 2013.  Our Certified Transmission Specialists have completed more 4L60E transmission repair work than any other team in Colorado!  Its near identical twin is the 4L65E which has a few characteristics that allow for more heavy-duty transmission applications.  The big brother of the 4L60E/4L65E is the 4L80E transmission which is found in trucks, SUVs and vans with larger engines, including diesels, or vehicles requiring more power and hauling capabilities.

More recent Silverado trucks have evolved beyond the 4-speed 4L60E to transmissions with more gears.  In the last few years our team has increasingly worked on both the 6L80 and 6L90 transmissions.  Compared to its predecessor, there was a material jump in electronics and overall complexity.  Even newer transmissions such as the 8L90 and 10L90 transmission have started arriving at our shops with issues.  Trucks are asked to perform under tough conditions, yet it is important to remember the priority of transmission engineers: fuel economy!  More gears allow for optimization of engine power.  As RPMs stay low, the truck achieves greater fuel efficiency.  Meeting this objective is awesome however it does not imply the transmission itself has greater endurance to tackle extreme applications demanded from some truck owners.  This may explain why our team is beginning to see truck transmission failures at lower mileages compared to 5 and 10 years ago.

Truck owners might be demanding but they are very loyal to their trucks.  Numerous Chevy trucks from the 1980s and 1990s remain on the road so our team continues to complete truck transmission repairs on older units including the 700R4 transmission.  This transmission was released in 1982 and in 1990 another transmission was introduced, the 4L60.  In reality, these units are identical!  The new name clarifies that the unit is a 4-speed, longitude transmission which rates for around 6,000lbs.  This nomenclature remains in-place today for Chevrolet transmissions which are produced under the Hydra-Matic brand.  The major change to the 700R4/4L60 was the fully electronically controlled update in the 4L60E.

Beyond the Silverado, Chevy trucks have dotted American roads for over 100 years!  We enjoy completing truck transmission repairs on Chevy trucks from any generation.  That includes the Chevy C10 or Chevy C/K series dating back to the 1960s and the wildly popular compact Chevy S10 introduced in 1982 or the NNV3500 transmission found between 1995-2003.  For any Chevy truck transmission repair, our in-house rebuild department is your best solution.

SUV Transmission Repairs

Chevrolet Suburban - SUV Transmission experts

Coloradans love their Chevy sport utility vehicles just as much as their Chevy trucks.  Across the state it is easy to spot Chevy SUVs such as the Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Avalanche, Chevy Trailblazer, Chevy Equinox or Chevy Traverse.  Transmission repair on these vehicles are common because Colorado driving conditions can be tough on vehicles, especially the transmission.  The transmissions found in these SUVs were traditionally the same units found in Chevy trucks.  Common units included the 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E, 6L80 and 6L90 transmissions.  These are all build for rear-wheel drive or 4WD vehicles.  There are a few smaller front-wheel drive Chevy SUVs like the Chevy Equinox that come with a 6T40 transmission or 6T70 transmission.  These are transversely-mounted, 6-speed transmissions.

Chevy transmissions in SUVs go through tough conditions requiring a transmission service at regular intervals.  We recommend a transmission fluid service every 30,000 miles unless the vehicle application requires shorter intervals.  Off-roading activities or frequent trips into the mountains warrant shorter interval maintenance fluid services.

Passenger Car Transmission Repairs

Chevrolet Impala - Passenger Car Transmission shop

There is a long list is Chevy passenger cars operating across the country.  Iconic cars such as the Chevy Corvette and Chevy Camaro get lots of attention, yet the highest selling Chevrolet car is the Chevy Impala.  It was introduced in 1958 and has gone through at least 12 generations of re-designs.  Other cars in the line include the Chevy Aveo, Chevy Cavalier, Chevy Cobalt, Chevy Cruze and Chevy Malibu.  Across countless car designs and eras, there have been numerous Chevy transmissions that have gone into these vehicles.  Rest assured, in our four decades in operation, we have seen most every Chevy transmission at some point.

Being an expert Chevy transmission shop also requires understanding the future of transmission design and repair.  With so many types of transmissions on the market, that is easier said than done.  The first step in a successful transmission repair is an accurate diagnosis.  This is more important today than ever before and we complete it through our free TrueTest InspectionTM. The increasing electrical complexity of transmissions has led to countless transmissions being diagnosed as “bad” when in fact a minor electrical repair could have saved those customers thousands of dollars!

Transmission repair on Chevy cars require more than just transmission rebuild knowledge.  The removal of a bad transmission and installation of a rebuilt transmission is sometimes just as complicated as the rebuilding process itself.  Experience across the various vehicles in the Chevy lineup helps our team provide our Colorado and Denver customers quality workmanship and Fast Service.

Trust Your Local Chevy Drivetrain Experts

Many Chevy trucks and SUVs in Colorado rely on 4×4 capabilities to handle the local conditions.  It is just as important to maintain the 4WD/AWD system as it is the transmission.  Often a transmission is misdiagnosed as faulty when a Chevy transfer case is the real culprit.  This can be a costly mistake!  Our team has successfully completed hundreds of Chevy transfer case rebuilds across four decades.  We also regularly service and repair Chevy differentials, especially on trucks and SUVs.  Differential repair is difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to repair once damaged.  Failure of these parts in the Chevy drivetrain can be delayed or even prevented with periodic inspection and servicing of the fluid.  Call now to schedule a diagnosis with our team.

Robotic Looking Vehicle - Transmission technology increases over time

It is more important than ever to trust your transmission and drivetrain to specialists rather than general mechanics or dealerships.  For example, the recent Chevy 6T70 / 6T75 transmissions were designed with advanced solenoids and electronics.  Unfortunately, an update was needed on the transmission control module (TCM) that allows improved performance of the pressure control solenoids, shift solenoids and pressure switches. Failure to address these problems by transmission specialists could lead to premature failure of the original or rebuilt transmission.  Additional challenges relating to the material and fluid science of transmissions make it increasingly important to trust your local Chevy transmission specialists for honest communication, industry-leading expertise and fast service!

historic transmission from a 2-speed Chevrolet Powerglide

Chevy transmissions evolved substantially since the 2-speed Powerglide introduced in 1950.  Although that unit was found in new vehicles through 1973, two other transmissions gained notoriety during the era of muscle cars and big trucks.  The Turbo Hydra-matic 350 was released in 1969 and could be found in a large percentage of Chevy vehicles in the 1970s.  The Turbo Hydra-matic 400 was released in 1964 as a heavy-duty transmission and due to demands for improved fuel economy, the unit was phased out from use in passenger vehicles.  This unit was used in Chevy C/K series trucks and vans until 1990 when the 4L80E took its place.  This technological evolution set the technological foundation for 6-speed, 8-speed and 10-speed modern transmissions.

Whether your Chevy transmission is older, newer, automatic, manual, CVT or dual-clutch, schedule a Free TrueTestTM Inspection and let our team complete a diagnosis of your vehicle.

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Chevrolet Transmission Repair Reviews

I can’t even begin to tell you about how amazing Gary and his staff are here at Advanced Transmission Center. From the moment I called, Gary said,” I will take good care of you here”, and he did just that! The price and quote were the same (amazingly lower than the dealership), and no surprises. He was very honest, and even said he would try to keep all cost down. He walked me through every step of the process including warranties. They called with updates frequently to let me know how things were going, and had my car completed before the estimated day. I even received a call to check on the car after repairs… Unbelievable! If you need honest, great repairs, you won’t be disappointed.

– J. Minor, 2019 (Verified on Google My Business, Lakewood Facility)

I have a 1966 Corvette Coupe with a 4-speed that needed some transmission work performed. I’m very particular about who services this car, as you might imagine. I saw the great reviews for the Wheat Ridge location and took the car down to basically interview the shop and make sure that they were the right guys for the job. I met with Scott, and it was pretty clear to me that he and the team there had the right experience and mindset to do the work. The Advanced Transmission Center crew were very careful with the Corvette and did extremely high-quality work on a challenging project. Scott kept me posted on status, even going as far as to text me pictures of what they were finding. I think the prices were very fair and, for the quality of work, it was probably a bargain. For classic car owners, this is a shop where you’ll find a team that will take great care of your vehicle. I really can’t recommend them highly enough. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for any car, new or old.

–A. Williams, 2019 (Verified on Google My Business, Wheat Ridge Facility)

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