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  • 3 year or 100,000 mile warranty available

In-House Rebuild Department

Geared for customer satisfaction

Many transmission shops will recommend a full transmission replacement when a rebuild is really a better answer. Why? Because they don’t have the expertise to perform complex transmission rebuilding.

Because there is nothing more valuable than an accurate diagnoses!

It all begins with our TrueTestTM Inspection .

At Advanced Transmission Centers our transmission rebuilders have an average of 25 years of experience rebuilding transmissions. They have followed the evolution of transmission technology, and they regularly attend transmission seminars to keep abreast of the latest technical information on new design transmissions and newly available information on popular imported and domestic transmissions.

We control the quality of the rebuild and repair of every transmission, transfer case and differential that leaves our shops by keeping all of the work in house. Our in house rebuilding department means we know that only the highest quality parts are used. Our network of nationwide parts suppliers helps us to keep the cost as low as possible without cutting corners by using lower quality parts.

We use several technical support sites for the most up to date manufacture service bulletins. These sites provide support services related to transmission repair, transfer case repair and electronic and control module (computer) operation.

Rebuilt transmissions typically use higher quality parts that will last longer. Rebuilding vs. replacing can also save customers money on their repair. Advanced Transmission Centers has the most skilled transmission rebuilding staff in Denver. Don’t pay to have your transmission replaced when what you really need is a rebuild. Call Advanced Transmission instead.

These are factors in providing the best transmission rebuild in Denver.