Four Questions to Ask the Transmission Experts During Your Next Visit

We get it – no one wants to step foot in a transmission repair shop. Usually, transmission repairs are inconvenient and expensive. However, most vehicle owners must enter a transmission repair shop at least once during the lifetime of owning their automobile for transmission repairs. This can be avoided by regular transmission fluid maintenance. 

If and when that time comes to bring your vehicle in for repair work, ensuring that your repair shop of choice is well-known for excellence is crucial. Does your shop employ general technicians or a team of qualified transmission repair experts? How can you discern the quality of your shop? Looking at online reviews (Google, Yelp, Angie’s List,, BBB, etc.) or shop affiliations (AAA, BBB, ATRA, ASE, etc.) can provide a start to gauge a shop’s credibility.

The following 4 questions provide you with a starting point. Here’s what to ask your transmission experts during your next visit to determine if “expert” is an appropriate title:

1. How Much Will the Repair Cost? Could You Provide an Accurate Estimate?

Depending on the nature of your repair, your trip to the transmission shop could be relatively inexpensive or extremely costly. Asking this question guarantees that you will not be caught off guard with extraneous costs – and ensures that the shop you work with offers competitive straightforward pricing.

Some shops might quote transmission repair pricing over the phone. In reality, these shops are not repairing your transmission. They are replacing your damaged transmission with a used or remanufactured unit. Any credible transmission shop that repairs transmission in-house should be able to communicate their transmission rebuild strategy in detail (see question #4); a good transmission rebuild strategy should always be tailored to the specific situation and symptoms present. Unless a transmission shop has psychic capabilities, the cost of an in-house transmission rebuild is not apparent until there is a full “tear-down” and evaluation of the disassembled transmission. Obviously, at this stage, the transmission cannot be put back together without completing a repair. It is up to the service manager to provide a best and worst-case scenario to customers prior to that “tear-down” stage. Two transmissions of the same variety can potentially have a price difference beyond $2,000. Given this fact, how can an honest transmission shop provide an accurate estimate prior to inspecting the vehicle? It would be unethical to quote the lower end of the price range only to end up with an actual price tag at the higher end of the range. This is predatory to customers and shops that engage in these types of activities should be obviously avoided!

Once the “tear-down” stage is complete, a transmission rebuilder formulates a repair strategy to get your vehicle back on the road safely and a service consultant provides an accurate estimate to the customer. In order to receive an accurate estimate, an elite transmission shop needs to collect as much information as possible from each step of the repair process, starting with the initial inspection.  

2. Do You Have Warranties for Parts or Labor?

A bad warranty is as good as no warranty at all. One key trait of an expert transmission repair company is a comprehensive warranty on all major rebuilds or repairs. The best transmission repair shops will offer upgraded options including additional years, mileage or even nationwide coverage. These options should be customizable to the needs of the vehicle owner. If a shop is not willing to stand behind their work, are you really comfortable saving a few bucks for unreliable repairs?

3. How Experienced Are Your Technicians?

We believe that technicians are the most important part of an excellent transmission repair business. It is important to ask, “how many years of experience does each technician possess?” Do the techs work with integrity and honesty, providing high-quality service? Are the technicians certified with ASE? Knowing that the transmission shop you step foot in is built around a team of highly-qualified, highly-experienced transmission specialists is reassuring and assists with achieving quality repairs and Fast Service.

4. Does This Shop Maintain an In-House Transmission Rebuild Department?

An in-house transmission rebuild is superior to many other repair options. It should incorporate a robust rebuild strategy and philosophy. In order to achieve quality control and consistency, a team of rebuilders must have tremendous experience. The obvious question to a transmission repair shop should be, “how many rebuilders do you have on staff and what are their years of experience?” For instance, at Advanced Transmission Center, we have three transmission rebuilders between our two shops with nearly 100 years of transmission rebuilding experience. Our customers, therefore, benefit from the experience of thousands of transmissions that have been rebuilt over the last 4 decades. Moreover, some inexperienced rebuilders or shops might try to save a buck on parts by sacrificing quality. Our team recognizes a good transmission rebuild requires only the highest quality parts are used, and no corners are cut during repair. If your transmission repair shop of choice has an in-house rebuild department with tremendous experience and a successful track record, you are in excellent hands.

Advanced Transmission Center: Expert Repair Shop

Advanced Transmission Center is an expert shop built for excellence. Our team of technicians is certified, qualified, and experienced. From your first interaction with our team, we are “Geared for Customer Satisfaction!” Our free TrueTest InspectionTM thoroughly and accurately diagnoses your vehicle’s specific issues – so you only pay for the repairs you need. Call our Westminster (Northwest Denver) location at (303) 421-4140, our Lakewood (Southwest Denver) location at (303) 922-4102 or contact us online to get started today! We know a transmission repair can be scary, uncomfortable and convenient; give us an opportunity to provide transparent and honest communication, quality repairs, and fast service!

Written by Advanced Transmission Center