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Coloradans love Subaru vehicles! There is three times greater ownership of Subaru vehicles in Colorado than the national average. What makes the Subaru so popular in Denver metro? The drivetrain!

The symmetrical all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles produced by Subaru allows drivers to maintain control in hazardous road conditions. Some AWD systems by other manufacturers only send power to all four tires when the vehicle recognizes slippage. The Subaru AWD system sends power to all four tires, all the time. This also enhances the safety profile of the vehicles. From driving along an urban I-25 route to heading west into the Rocky Mountains, Subaru owners take pride in the reliability, versatility, and practicality of the vehicles in the Subaru lineup.

Trust Your Local Subaru Transmission Experts

Transmission and drivetrain repair are among the most complicated subspecialties in automotive repair. Subaru vehicles are known to maintain strong resale value due to their longevity if well maintained. Your Subaru deserves the best so if a transmission or drivetrain issue comes up, trust your Local Subaru Transmission Shop.

We are proud that our shops are the first ever AAA Approved auto repair shops in Colorado for the specialty of transmission repair. Countless Subaru customers have trusted us over the years and help us earn that rare credential!

Whether your Subaru transmission is older, newer, automatic, manual, or CVT, schedule a free inspection and let our team complete a diagnosis of your vehicle.

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