Colorado Transmission: Prepare Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

Once again, we’ve reached that time of year when many families load up their cars to hit the open road for their summer vacations, and Coloradans are no exception. Whether you’re just driving to Grandma’s house in Pueblo, or taking in some of the National parks across the Rockies, it’s a great idea to do a bit of standard pre-trip maintenance before you go. Our Colorado transmission professionals at Advanced Transmission Center can help.

Here is a checklist to verify that your family is ready to road trip.

First, pack the basics.

You won’t make it far on the trip without packing the basics. Be sure to have clothes appropriate for your destination’s climate, whether that’s a winter coat, swim trunks, or both. Don’t forget your toiletries, books, electronics, chargers, and other essentials. If you made any reservations, bring that information along. Make sure you can stay entertained in the car: bring music, audiobooks, DVD’s, and car games, as well as comfortable clothes, healthy snacks, and water. Be sure to have jumper cables, a jack, and a spare tire. Also, bring a car emergency kit, including a flashlight, blankets, food, and basic tools.

Prepare the Car for a roadtrip

Your car’s preparedness for the road will have a major impact on your overall experience: a smooth ride will make your transit quick and efficient, while a rough ride or break-down can ruin several precious vacation days. The following steps will help protect you against inconvenient car troubles while you’re away.

Get your car serviced.

This step will cover many basics and help avoid the most common car problems faced on the road. It will validate that all your engine fluids are at their proper levels and will perform necessary upkeep like an oil change, brake check, and tune-up. It should also reveal any larger engine problems that may need addressing before you leave. Not only will this protect you against breakdowns, but it will also make your trip more fuel-efficient.

Check your tires.

If your car tires have lost much of their tread, you should get new ones first rather than tempting fate on your road trip. Also, check for any punctures or abrasions in your tires that might lead to issues, and make sure all your tires are properly inflated.

Keep your battery charged and have your break pads inspected, and very soon you’ll be on the road without a worry in the world!

How to use this information

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Where are you going on a road trip this summer? Where would you like to go?

Written by Advanced Transmission Center