Come in for a Free Transmission Inspection in Arvada

If you suspect your transmission is having problems or would like to make sure you aren’t going to be having any problems pop up on you, come in today for a free transmission inspection in Arvada.

At Advanced Transmission Center, we offer a free TrueTest Inspection because nothing is more important than an accurate diagnosis. No one wants to be told they have one problem and pay for the work to be done, only to discover that wasn’t the problem at all and now you’ll have to pay for what they say should have been done.

Those experiences can make it hard to trust anyone and that’s why we have developed our TrueTest Inspection. With this inspection, you can be assured that numerous tests have been completed by transmission specialists trained to pinpoint your vehicle’s specific problems.

Multiple Inspection Points

We use computer scanning equipment to make sure we get the most accurate diagnosis for your make and model vehicle. Once those are complete, our specialists get their hands dirty, performing numerous hands-on tests to be certain we have a complete understanding of what is broken and what is not before preparing your repair estimate.

Those inspections include:

Computer Diagnostic Scan

With this scan our specialists make sure we are using the right equipment for your vehicle’s make and model; all modules are scanned; we monitor any sensors or solenoids sending trouble codes; and we carefully record all codes. Not only do we identify and evaluate vehicle codes but we also analyze the computer data stream while a customer vehicle is running during our drivability examination.

Fluid Level Test

This test checks the transmission fluid level. It’s important to make sure the level is correct, neither high nor low. Often transmissions act up simply because it is low on fluid and overheating. Some shops might skip or disregard this step to “sell the job” and get a pricey transmission rebuild diagnosis. This is a key reason reviewing a shops customer reviews is critical to evaluate the integrity and honesty of a shop.

Fluid Condition Test

Testing the fluid condition tells us if the fluid has any burnt residue in it, if there is any contamination, or if it has deteriorated. Fluid deterioration alone is not a rationale to rebuild a transmission. Often a transmission flush or service is the right option for a customer, not to mention it can be 20x less painful to a customer’s pocketbook.

Burnt transmission fluid on the other hand provides us evidence that a major repair such as a rebuild will be required to remedy the vehicle’s issues. Checking the fluid often reveals the first indicator of possible transmission wear or damage.

Road Test

A road test is performed in order to identify your vehicle’s unique driving characteristics and, if applicable, verify operation of four-wheel drive. A road test will also alert our specialists to any slipping noise, hard or erratic shifting, and any unusual shifting patterns. Diagnostic capabilities during road tests are the least discussed yet most important capabilities a shop must possess if it truly prioritizes quality workmanship and high customer service.

Multi-Point Lift Test

During this test we will complete the following: check for transmission fluid leaks, engine oil leaks and coolant leaks, inspect electronic connections relating to the drivetrain including the transmission, inspect CV axles, inspect universal joints and drive shafts, inspect engine and transmission mounts, check the transfer case fluid level and check the differential fluid level.

Transmission Pan Examination

During this test, the transmission pan is removed and inspected for metal shards and friction material. This test is important because it allows a partial look inside the transmission and excessive amounts of metal indicates wear or damage to parts inside the transmission or torque converter.

The Results

All results are carefully documented and presented to you together with our specialists’ diagnosis, the recommended repair, and the cost estimate to perform only the work necessary. If there are options for you to consider, those will also be presented along with various warranty scenarios.

The Leader in Transmission Repair

Advanced Transmission Center has been serving customers in Denver, Lakewood, Golden, Arvada, Westminster, Littleton, Englewood, Thornton and Northglen since 1986. Not only do we rebuild and repair transmissions, but we also replace clutches and address other drivetrain issues. We are family-owned and prioritize building lifelong customers.

We have the experience to get the job done right and we treat you like family. We won’t recommend anything to you that we wouldn’t recommend to our own family members in the same situation. Our goal is to get you safely back on the road with minimum fuss, as fast as possible, for a fair price with no surprises. That has been our goal for four decades.

Call our Northwest Denver center at (303) 421-4140, our Southwest Denver center at (303) 922-4102 or contact us online to get started today with a free TrueTest Inspection today. Free towing is available for major repairs.

Written by Advanced Transmission Center