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Transmission Warranty in Denver

Advanced Transmission Center offers a wide variety of warranty options for our customers.  With an automatic transmission rebuild completed by our in-house rebuild department, you can choose from the following:

Standard Warranty:

24 month; 24,000-mile warranty

transmission warranty in Denver - 2-yr-warranty

The standard warranty on a transmission rebuild is comprehensive and covers the transmission, torque converter, transmission fluid, and the required labor to get the job done right. We are not part of a corporate chain that aims to create obstacles against a warranty claim.  If you have an issue with a covered repair, simply bring in your vehicle and we’ll complete the repair at no cost to you.

Other repairs such as transfer cases, differentials, manual transmission repairs, and clutch replacement can also come with a warranty.  There are some vehicle restrictions and exclusions including non-OEM vehicle modifications.  Call us to learn more about our warranty options.

Westminster – Northwest Metro Denver: 303-421-4140
Lakewood – Southwest Metro Denver: 303-922-4102

Extended Warranties:

Nation-wide transmission warranty

36-month; 50,000-mile warranty

36-month; 100,000-mile warranty

Standard or Extended Nationwide Warranty 

transmission warranty - 3-yr-warranty

It is not good enough to just have a warranty – you need to trust the repair facility to take care of your vehicle as if you were family.  Advanced Transmission Center has been Geared for Customer Satisfaction for nearly four decades and an industry-leading warranty program is a part of what makes us the best in Colorado.

A Bad Warranty is Like No Warranty at All

A strong warranty from a credible transmission repair facility is important to protect your vehicle and family.  All customers want to complete their transmission repairs quickly and economically, yet many customers fall into common pitfalls.

Parts-only warranty for a used or remanufactured transmission

Don’t fall for the cheap transmission that comes with a sparkling warranty. You pay for what you get. Many national remanufactures sell transmissions extremely cheap because they don’t complete a comprehensive rebuild process. They find a broken transmission and complete a “spot repair” that might temporarily fix the issue leaving you with a major problem down the road. Salvage or junkyards similarly sell used but functional transmissions for cheap.  These units are notorious for failure.

Even if these cheaper and lower quality transmissions come with a warranty, often that warranty only covers the part (e.g. the transmission itself). The labor involved in installing that transmission can range from $500 to $2,000, depending on the make and model. If the transmission you buy does not work as expected, you still will have to spend money on the labor to remove and re-install another transmission.  The substantial labor cost alone is more of a reason to find a credible and honest transmission repair facility that is willing to complete an in-house transmission rebuild and warranty both the parts and labor.  A comprehensive warranty with a specialist will save you time and money in the long-run.

Extended warranty on a newly purchased used vehicle

Every week we inspect newly-purchased used vehicles that show signs of a failing transmission. The owners of these vehicles were happy a few weeks earlier because they thought they got a great deal with their used car purchase.  Sadly, they did not know they were buying a vehicle showing early signs of a transmission issue.  In some cases, customers assume they are protecting themselves with an extended warranty. Unfortunately, many of these extended warranty companies make a habit of denying claims, especially costly ones relating to transmission repair.

This is the main reason we encourage customers to complete a comprehensive transmission rebuild on their older but reliable vehicles rather than seeking out another used vehicle. Even if the cost of repair is higher than some online estimated vehicle value, a well-maintained vehicle can have a long life and save the customer thousands of dollars in the long-run.

General automotive repair shop warranties

Auto repair shops that do not specialize in transmission repair might buy cheap transmissions from national re-manufacturers or junkyards.  If one of these low-quality transmissions is installed in your vehicle, a transmission failure is possibly right around the corner.

If a problem does come up, will the shop tow your vehicle into their shop as part of the warranty if it does not move?  If a problem does come up, will the shop have the capabilities to diagnose what went wrong with that transmission?  If a problem does come up, can the shop disassemble the transmission and reliably rebuild it?  The answer is likely NO, NO, and NO.

Trust the comprehensive transmission warranty from Advanced Transmission Center.  During the prior four decades, we have rebuilt thousands of transmissions in-house and continue to offer the best transmission repair services to Denver metro and Colorado residents.

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