Three Things to Know When Choosing a Local Transmission Repair Shop

Issues with your vehicle's transmission can not only be inconvenient—sometimes requiring your vehicle to be in the shop for a week or longer—but one of the pricier repairs you'll ever face. The average nationwide cost to rebuild your transmission has a wide range depending on labor costs. Whenever you are shelling out a large amount of money, it's important to know that your vehicle is being repaired by professionals who are fair, reliable, and knowledgeable in the job they're doing. Read on for three things you'll want to know when choosing a local transmission repair shop.

1) What Free Options are Available?

Many shops, in an effort to appeal to the price-conscious consumer, offer a number of free services, from diagnostics to car rentals or transportation services. These can be convenient and save you money in the long run, it's important to evaluate any free services offered to see if it can help diagnose any apparent transmission issues. A local transmission repair shop should offer a variety of helpful inspections, without any needed fear of “hidden costs“. It's important to consider these services in the context of the overall cost of repairs. Will this local shop provide you with value and trusted expertise?

2) An In-House Rebuild Department Can Be an Advantage

The last thing you want is to spend hard-earned money on a replacement transmission, only to immediately spend another few hundred to repair issues with your replacement transmission. And in many cases, the problem with your transmission may be caused by one small component, which makes replacing the entire transmission overkill.

Choosing a local transmission repair shop that has its own in-house rebuilding team can allow these types of issues to be isolated and targeted without necessitating replacement of the transmission, saving you money on both parts and labor. And in most cases, transmission repair shops with their own rebuild team have greater knowledge of and experience in transmission repair work, ensuring the job will be done right.

3) Customer Reviews Can Drive Your Decision

It's often true that the customers most likely to write reviews are those whose experiences have been unusually negative and aren't reflective of a business's overall quality. However, even if one or two of these outliers can be chalked up to a customer who was having a bad day, it's important to pay attention to whether the transmission repair specialists you're considering have a large number of negative reviews, which can indicate customer service or quality problems that may impact your repair experience.

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Written by Advanced Transmission Center