Finding the Best Transmission Repair in Denver

When you need a transmission repair, any automotive shop won't do. Instead, you need professionals you can trust.

Unlike more standard car maintenance and repairs, like changing the oil or replacing the starter, transmission work is far from easy and the average car-owner - and the average mechanic! - isn't up to the job. Instead of putting the well-being of your car in the hands of just anyone, here's what you need to know to find the best transmission repair in Denver.

Qualified Mechanics

A mechanic isn't a professional title like a doctor or a CPA. With little-required schooling and no universal licenses required to practice, virtually anyone can call himself a mechanic.

Instead of trusting the first name in the phone book, do your research. Ensure the technicians working at the shops you are considering have adequate experience and expertise, including well-reputed training. Some mechanics may hold certifications; Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE, certifications are often considered the peak of the industry, so consider looking for mechanics who have passed the ASE Automatic Transmission/Transaxle test.

A Strong Track Record

When you want quality transmission repair in Denver, you need a team with a great track record. A certification is a good sign, but it may not mean much if reviews and testimonials aren't positive.

Before booking service, do your due diligence. Look at the website, read reviews on sites like Facebook and Yelp!, and ask friends and family members for recommendations or feedback. A few bad reviews don't always raise mean red flags - sometimes, customers misunderstand situations or share negative thoughts for inappropriate reasons - but a lot of one- and two-star reviews may indicate deeper problems.

Transparent Services and Pricing

Car repairs can be very expensive, and this is often the case for transmission repairs. As such, it's important that you know what to expect prior to the start of service.

When you bring your vehicle in for an inspection, you should expect an itemized list of the services to be performed as well as a list of prices per service and labor hours. If this information isn't available, your transmission repair shop may be attempting to overcharge you or charge you for unnecessary services. Legitimate shops should be able to provide a comprehensive quote before starting work. At Advanced Transmission Center, located in Lakewood and Westminster our technicians perform a free TrueTest inspection to rule out misdiagnosis and outline all of the repairs needed.

A Positive Impression

When you take your car for service, you should feel confident and comfortable with your choice, not uneasy. A quality transmission repair service will always treat you with courtesy and respect.

If you feel uncomfortable or pressured to commence services, consider taking your car to another facility. A reputable mechanic will want to demonstrate commitment and quality, and this should be evident in demeanor and behavior. Note cleanliness as well; facilities that keep spaces organized and clean are likely to do the same for your car.

Facing the prospect of transmission repairs can be a little frightening, but a reliable resource can go a long way. With the best transmission repair in Denver, you can count on the help you need, no matter the problem at hand. Contact us today to get the expert automotive assistance you deserve! Call our Northwest Denver center at (303) 421-4140, our Southwest Denver center at (303) 922-4102 or contact us online.

Written by Advanced Transmission Center