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Honda Transmission Repair Experts

The Advanced Transmission Center team is the place to go when you experience problems with your Honda transmission. Honda has been a popular import manufacturer for years, and Honda vehicles represent about 6.7% of all passenger vehicles on the road in the United States in 2022. Their combination of small size, longevity, and great gas mileage has made them a common choice for the economically minded driver. While some Honda vehicles have transmission problems, OEM Honda parts are relatively inexpensive, making Honda transmission repairs a lot more affordable. 

honda transmission repair

Due to the large number of Hondas on the road in Colorado, Advanced Transmission Center has plenty of experience working on their automatic and manual transmissions for both service and repair, as well as handling their transfer cases, differentials, and other driveline issues. You don’t have to look for Honda parts online, as we carry genuine Honda parts that will have your car up and running in no time.

Honda 4-speed Automatic (B7XA) Problems

Honda is fairly unique among automobile manufacturers in that they have almost always designed and built their transmissions themselves rather than buying them from an outside source. Traditionally, Honda has not used planetary gears in their automatic transmissions like most other designs, instead using individual gears each with its own hydraulic clutch pack. Honda has a reputation for building vehicles that will last a long time, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had transmission issues. This certainly applies to their 4-speed automatic transmission known as the B7XA, which was used in 1997-2002 Honda Accords and Odysseys, and the Acura CL and TL.

Given the large number of vehicles this transmission is used in, it is no surprise that there are known issues with the B7XA transmission. Some of those are listed in the table below.

Common B7XA Honda Transmission Problems 
There are known issues with the wiring harnesses for both the PCM and TCM. These create electrical issues that can cause delayed or erratic shifting, as well as failure to go into gear that prevents the vehicle from moving at all.
Transmission noise caused by torque converter issues brought on by fluid leaks or by improper shifting is another common complaint.
The valve body design in this unit is poor and is known for having premature wear of the valve bores. This allows leaking within the valve body, which creates a number of shifting problems, including slipping while shifting or slamming into gear.

A number of solutions have been developed over the years to deal with these design flaws in the B7XA transmission, and a transmission specialty shop will be able to upgrade parts during transmission repairs that will keep your Honda on the road for a long time.

Honda 5-speed Automatic (BAYA) Problems

Honda introduced their 5-speed automatic transmission known as the BAYA in 2000. This proved to be a very popular transmission and was used in the Honda Accord, Odyssey, and Ridgeline, the Acura CL, TL, MDX, RDX, and RSX, as well as the Saturn Vue through 2014. Some known issues of the BAYA transmission are:

Common BAYA Problems
Many drivers have complained of transmission slipping, jerking during shifts, and erratic or delayed shifting into gear.
Honda experienced a number of issues related to their linear solenoids. These electrical components fail, and the vehicle can get stuck in gear or default into limp mode.
There have been a large number of problems with the computer-controlled shift strategy. The OEM settings can create clutch drag during the 2-3 upshift and the 4-2 downshift, resulting in premature failure of the clutches and loss of gears.

Because electronic controls are so common in modern transmissions, it is easy to confuse a mechanical malfunction with an electrical malfunction. Some repairs might only require a simple replacement of an electronic component, while others require taking the transmission apart in order to replace internal parts that have failed. Make sure that you bring your Honda to a transmission specialist in order to confirm that the right fix is found for your vehicle!

Honda CVT (Transmission) Problems

The CVT, or constantly variable transmission, is a newer design that does away with gears. Using a band and steel pulleys, this type of transmission allows for an infinite number of potential ratios. While this design looks great on paper and theoretically should be a far more efficient design, it seems that nearly all manufacturers who have used a CVT have had problems. Honda has not been immune, and since the introduction of the CVT in the 1995 Honda Civic, drivers of Honda vehicles with a CVT have complained of the same kinds of issues that have plagued Nissan, Subaru, and other manufacturers. Some things that drivers should be aware of include:

Common CVT Problems
Many drivers have complained of whining and other loud noises, especially during acceleration. 
Drivers have also complained of vibrations, shuddering, and sudden loss of acceleration, especially at highway speeds.
The primary complaint about the Honda CVT is that it fails prematurely. It appears that operating a CVT at high altitudes and during mountain driving makes these issues worse.

Unfortunately, very few repairs can be made to a CVT transmission, and in most cases, a repair entails replacing the CVT unit itself. However, drivers can make sure to get the most life out of their CVT transmission by staying on top of its maintenance with periodic fluid services. If it’s been a while and you aren’t sure, call the professionals at Advanced Transmission Center and get your CVT transmission inspected for free today.

Honda Driveline Maintenance and Repair Specialists

Advanced Transmission Center has been providing service and repair for Honda front, rear, and all-wheel drive since 1986 and has the training and expertise to handle routine maintenance and repair of any Honda driveline issue you may need.

Hondas are popular vehicles in Colorado and have definitely changed over the years. Manual transmissions have given way to more modern automatic transmissions, and the quest for greater fuel economy has seen more and more gears added, with 4, 5, 6, and now 9-speed transmissions being common. Advanced Transmission Center stays updated with industry trends and advancements in technology by continuously training in the latest diagnostic and repair strategies. Don’t trust your valued Honda to a general automotive shop; instead, call our Lakewood or Westminster shops today to get all of your Honda transmission repair and driveline needs!

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