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  • 3 year or 100,000 mile warranty available

Certified Transmission Specialists

Geared for customer satisfaction

You can trust our certified transmission specialists in Lakewood and Wheat Ridge Colorado.

The number of years they have been rebuilding transmissions and the number of transmissions they rebuild every year give them the hands on experience needed to be great at what they do.

Many transmission shops today are transmission and automobile repair or total car care.

We focus on the things that we know. What that means to you is you will not have a guy that is a brake specialist or a fuel injection specialist or any other odd specialist working on your transmission. You will have a certified transmission specialist diagnosing and repairing your transmission.

We are transmission guys! That is all we do!

That includes all of the drive train parts like transfer cases on your four wheel drive and differentials. It does not include many other parts of your car. There are just too many sophisticated systems in cars and trucks to be great at all of them. We do transmission work.

In the ever changing world of the modern cars and trucks, over the last fifteen or twenty years it has become necessary to be a student of transmission technology. Our technicians study constantly through webinars, seminars and several online technical sites we subscribe to.

We are specialest in Lakewood transmission repair and Wheat Ridge Transmission repair.