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World Transmission

Today we are discussing the world market for transmissions.  Here are two examples of a transmissions used by many vehicle manufactures around the world.  This transmission is called an AW TF-80SC, TF-81, AWF21, AF40-6, AM6, AW6A-EL, and AF21 depending on the automobile manufacturer … Read More…

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5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Repair

How do you know if your transmission needs repair? Do you notice any unusual sounds or smells? Does the car seem sluggish or unresponsive? Other than the ‘Check Engine’ light, your car will exhibit several symptoms you can’t afford to ignore. It is … Read More…

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Automatic Transmission Fluids – What You Need to Know

Modern automatic transmission fluids typically contain a wide variety of chemical compounds intended to provide the required properties of a particular automatic transmission fluid specification. Most automatic transmission fluids contain some combination of additives that improve lubricating qualities, such as anti-wear additives, rust … Read More…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

  We are always here in Lakewood and Wheat Ridge to get you back on the road quickly except a few days every year.  Thanksgiving and the day after are two of those days.  We would like to say thank you for your … Read More…

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What to Look for When You Need Transmission Repair Service

After a certain period of time, cars and trucks will need transmission repair services. It is your duty as the owner of the vehicle to take your car, or truck, to a reliable transmission repairing service that can offer you the required services … Read More…

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Denver Transmission Shop Owner Welcomes a Granddaughter!

This summer, there was some big news from the owner of Advanced Transmission Center, Danny Doyle. Since 1986, Danny has been head of the Advanced Transmission Center team, and during that time he has become a grandfather—twelve times!    On July 18th, 2014, … Read More…

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Lakewood Transmission Shop Attracts More Happy Customers

At Advanced Transmission Center, we operate our business based on one simple, core philosophy: treat people right. As basic as this seems, it doesn’t always happen these days. Showing customers the respect they deserve has helped us build a base of loyal partners … Read More…

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Clutch Repair Denver: Common Noises Made By Transmissions

All cars make sound. Whether it’s the gentle hum of your 2014 Toyota Prius or the roar of your 1990 Ford F-150 pickup truck, you know your car by the noise it makes. However, knowing what it normally sounds like is important, because … Read More…

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Denver Transmission Repair Center Recommends Most Reliable Cars

A car is not a cup of coffee; many of us are looking to buy cars that we can drive and enjoy for the next eight, ten, even fifteen years. Plenty of buyers spring for their dream cars, only to see them land … Read More…

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Transmission Repair Denver: Satisfied Customer Towing A Heavy Load

Car trouble never comes at the right time. We rely on our vehicles more than we realize, so any breakdowns or accidents can have huge impacts on our lives. Knowing that your car is ready for the long haul is critical, especially before … Read More…

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