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Transmission Flush in Lakewood, Colorado

Transmission Flush: Goodbye, Nasty. Hello, Fresh.

What is it?

Also known as a power flush, a transmission flush goes beyond a standard automatic transmission fluid change. That simpler process involves draining the old liquid and refilling the unit with new transmission fluid. While that’s helpful for some purposes, it may not accomplish everything you want it to. In reality, this exchange doesn’t get rid of all the old fluid. As much as half of it can linger behind in parts of the transmission and drive system. On the other hand, a power flush forces out all of the old fluid, so it all gets replaced. For additional information or to schedule transmission flush services, count on the ASE and ATRA-certified technicians at Advanced Transmission Center in Lakewood, Colorado. We’re located nearby at 1194 S. Pierce St. Lakewood, CO 80232 just outside of the downtown traffic pattern. It’s easy to make an appointment. Call (303) 922-4102 or use our online scheduler.