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Why does transmission repair cost so much?

Transmission repairs can be expensive, but it’s not that bad when you consider what’s involved in the repairs. Today’s automatic transmissions consist of thousands of individual components. During a major repair, each one is removed, cleaned, and inspected to exacting tolerances. Any worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced. Then each part is put together into one of many subassemblies. Each subassembly must be adjusted, and tested for proper operation. Then the subassemblies must be assembled into the transmission case, where the adjustment and testing procedure begins all over again. Finally, once the transmission is completely assembled, it has to be reinstalled. If that?s not enough to justify the cost. If your looking for a quality and trustworthy transmission repair business call Advanced Transmission of Denver they have the experience to prove they are your #1 choice, (303) 351-5088
(303) 502-9565 or visit www.advancedtransmission.com for more information.

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