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Transmission Flush in Westminster, Colorado

Flush the Junk, Keep the Transmission

The Transmission Flush

Call it a transmission flush. Call it a power flush. It’s a fresh start for your transmission. As a routine preventive maintenance service, a transmission fluid change drains the used fluid from your unit, replacing it with a new liquid. That’s great except for one little secret not known to all drivers. This process leaves a lot of the old automatic transmission fluid lurking around. That’s right. A fluid exchange replaces only about half or a little better than what’s there. In contrast, a power flush pumps in and extracts new fluid until all the liquid is new and clean. If you’d like to discuss more or get a transmission flush, contact Advanced Transmission Center in Westminster, Colorado. You’ll find us at 3686 W. 72nd Ave Westminster, CO 80030 near multiple major streets. Make your appointment for transmission service online or by calling (303) 421-4140.