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Transfer Case Repair and Rebuild in Westminster, Colorado

Transfer Case Repair and Rebuild

What is a Transfer Case?

If you’re new to four-wheel drive ownership or don’t feel mechanically inclined even though you love the model you drive, you may wonder about the term “transfer case.” We’re glad to explain at Advanced Transmission Center in Westminster, Colorado. The transfer case is unique to the four-wheel drive vehicle. Therefore, your two-wheel drive auto doesn’t have one. This component transfers power to all four wheels (both axles). Essentially, it splits the engine’s power instead of supplying it all to a single axle. Our team offers outstanding transfer case repair and rebuild and four-wheel drive service. Moreover, we have years of experience (since 1986) and proven dedication to positive core values such as integrity and honest automotive service. Stop by for a consultation or service visit at 3686 W. 72nd Ave Westminster, CO 80030. Make an appointment to do this online or by telephone at (303) 421-4140.