Transmission Repair Near Littleton

People rely heavily on their vehicles, whether for work or play, or both. When a problem creeps up, and your local repair shop says, “You will need to take it to a transmission repair shop,” you’ve just heard the phrase that many people instantly fear.

The reason for that, generally, is partly because of the cost involved, and mainly because you will now need to find a shop to fix it that you don’t have a relationship with. Trust doesn’t come easily in those situations and service providers are given little time to earn it.

If you are looking for transmission repair near Littleton, Colorado, where do you start when looking for a shop you can rely on?

Ask Family and Friends for Referrals

Experts say the best referrals come from asking family and friends if they, or someone they know, used anyone in your area for this service. If they’ve had a good experience, put that shop on your list to get a quote, if they didn’t, it’s probably best to avoid them. Yelp and other social media can also be a source of referrals, but keep in mind that not everything posted online is true, so be a skeptic if looking at online referrals.

When you stop by a shop, look for a professional appearance and certificates indicating trained technicians. Be sure to get quotes from several shops, asking for detailed, written estimates, and stay away from lowball offers.

Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better

Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) says, “Nearly every shop in your area experiences similar expenses and costs. So when one shop offers you a price that’s remarkably lower than the others, be suspicious. There’s a good chance that price will go up a lot before you get your car back, or you’ll get a transmission repair that’s less than satisfactory.”

An ATRA member, Advanced Transmission Center is dedicated to meeting professional, competence and ethical standards, and doing an honest job for an honest price.

Accurate Diagnosis, Fair Pricing

Advanced Transmission Center is also committed to pinpointing your vehicle’s specific issues using the free TrueTest Inspection and will only quote you for the repairs you need. “We use three different types of computer scanning equipment to make sure we get the most accurate diagnosis for your make and model. Our transmission specialists perform numerous hands-on tests to guarantee we fully understand what’s broken and what’s not before we provide our repair estimate.”

Customers are only recommended a new transmission if it’s needed. Technicians in our In-House Rebuild Department have an average 25 years’ experience performing complex transmission rebuilds and, thanks to our special workflow process, in most cases will complete the repairs in two days, letting you get back on the road faster than most shops.

At Advanced Transmission Center, we understand that real service begins with integrity.

If you’re looking for quality transmission repair near Littleton for a fair price, contact us today. Call our Northwest Denver center at (303) 421-4140, our Southwest Denver center at (303) 922-4102 or contact us online.

Written by Advanced Transmission Center