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Transmission Parts – Gear Boxes

The inside of a transmission can be mystery and we’d  like to continue our education on the parts of a transmission in the next few posts by telling you more about gears.  By giving you some basic knowledge and facts about the parts of a transmission and how they work, we hope that you’ll be more aware of potential problems and bring your vehicle in before major problems arise.  Gear boxes come in two forms, manual and automatic.  Manual transmissions have a gear shift in the car and a clutch system you must operate in order to change gears.  Automatic transmissions do the shifting of the gears for you usually through a torque converter.  Even though you’re not shifting them mannualy, an automatic transmission has gears that can have wear and tear. Gears are broken into main gears and planetary gears. You need all of these to be able to drive.  Advanced Transmission works on all types of transmissions from any make or model.  Contact us today to have one of our certified technicians give you a free estimate on service or repair.

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