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Terrible Transmission – Part 4 – the Solution

I got a call back from Advanced Transmission as soon as they had my car in their possession.  They assured me they would take a look at my car and determine the problem that same day.  I was so relieved!  The call later told me what was really wrong with my vehicle instead of giving me the run around.  The Advanced Transmission mechanic was very polite, but told me that there was a hole the size of a quarter in my transmission.  He even took me under the car to show me exactly where it was.  The rattle I had heard was a ball bearing that had come loose and was rolling around inside and eventually the bearing had shot through the side of my transmission case.  He was very disappointed that the dealership had treated me so poorly and had given me such bad advice. Once the real problem was discovered, my car was fixed and running in less than a week.  After 2 months of hassle with the dealership, I wished I had just brought my car in to Advanced Transmission for a free diagnosis as soon as I heard the rattle.  Their service and professionalism was better than I could have imagined.  Advanced Transmission saved me time, money, and my sanity.  Their years of quality service shows and you can trust them to get the diagnosis right, the first time.  If you hear a rattle or a clunk in your vehicle, call Advanced Transmission to make an appointment.  You’ll be happy you did.

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