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Terrible Transmission – Part 3

Little did I know that the rattle and clunk in my car would lead to over 2 months of a nightmare battle to get my car fixed.  Having originally talked to the car dealership about the noise in my car, I had it towed there to have them look at the problem.  I immediately regretted it.  It took forever for the dealership to get back to me.  3 days later I got a call from a mechanic that was very wishy-washy about what was wrong with my car and gave me a list of repairs that weren’t covered by my manufacturers warranty.  I was charged for my tow, charged for them to look at it, and even got a wrong diagnosis.  I was so frustrated!  I found Advanced Transmission in the phone book and called them to pick up my car at the dealership.  The man on the phone was so nice and they towed my car for free!  I felt good about my decision and knew I was on the right track to get the service I needed.  Why hadn’t I just taken my car to Advanced Transmission in the first place?

Find the result of the story later this week on Advanced Transmission’s blog and see how their professionals took care of the problem.  Call them today to take care of your transmission problems.

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