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Ten Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Transmission

Advanced Transmission Center is a professional transmission repair shop that prides themselves on customer service satisfaction. Here are a few tips on keeping your transmission in good shape.

1. Check transmission fluid regularly and properly.

2. Check transmission fluid after running hot.

3. Install an external cooler in high stress conditions.

4. Change transmission fluid more often in high stress conditions.

5. Check any malfunctions promptly.

6. Have the transmission linkage and other adjustments checked periodically.

7. Keep your engine properly tuned.

8. Have other drive train components that may affect transmission function checked regularly.

9. Have your vehicle’s cooling system checked twice a year for leaks, proper coolant level and strength. .

10. Take your vehicle for a complete physical check up at least once a year.

For more information about Advanced Transmission and their services visit www.propridehitch.com.

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