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Check Your Transmission Fluid

If you think you have a transmission problem, chances are you do.  Advance Transmission can help diagnose your problem, but you can check your own transmission fluid.  Especially for older model vehicles, you may want to have your transmission fluid checked before you get stuck with larger problems.  If you can check the fluid from under the hood, the transmission dip stick usually is red.  Always check the fluid level with the engine running (except Honda), the transmission in “park” (except Dodge products which should be in neutral with the emergency brake applied), and with the engine at operating temperature.   Remove the dipstick and wipe with a rag.  Insert the stick fully and remove.  Look at both sides of the stick to verify the same indication.   Many transmissions today have to be checked from under the vehicle.  No matter what the vehicle we are always happy to check it for you at no charge. Come visit us at Advanced Transmission to service your vehicle today!

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