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Advanced Transmission Referred By Tom Martino

Tom Martino is a consumer advocate. His nationally known show “The Troubleshooter Show” airs from KHOW, based out of  Denver, Colorado. His show focuses on callers who give him specific complaints about businesses. Martino investigates the complaints by contacting the other party in disputes when possible; he then gives advice and solicits comments from callers. Martino also operates the “Troubleshooter Referral List,” a list of businesses endorsed by him. In order to be a member of the Referral List, a business must pay a fee ($3,000 per listing) and agree to a code of ethics, including an agreement to abide by Martino’s decision in the case of a dispute with a consumer. This being said, we are proud to say that Tom Martino refers Advanced Transmission Center of Denver. For more information about the services Advanced Transmission provides visit www.advancedtransmission.com.

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