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Searching for a Transmission Shop?

Transmission problems are often a car owner’s worst nightmare. Due to the complexities of the average repair job, transmission work can be more expensive than other forms of car service, putting your wallet in harm’s way. This is particularly true for those who use basic mechanics for complex transmission jobs, increasing the likelihood of error – and the cost of future repairs.

A good transmission specialist shop can save you time and money, providing high-quality repairs that can extend the useful life of your car. Finding a qualified transmission expert isn’t always easy – and bad ones can cost you far more than a few extra dollars – but a little legwork can help you be sure you’re making the best possible choice. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right resource for you.

Be Sure You Actually Need Transmission Work

Before spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a transmission repair, take time to make sure you actually need service on your transmission. Some less ethical or less experienced mechanics will misdiagnose problems for the sake of a higher bill, so don’t let just anyone look at your transmission. If a work quote from your regular mechanic seems high, or an oil change shop tells you that you need extensive repairs, it’s best to get a second opinion before diving into the deep end.

Also, keep in mind there are hundreds of components in a transmission.  If a general mechanic or non-transmission specialist tells you there’s a transmission problem, you should then ask, what specifically is wrong with the transmission.  If they can’t tell you, don’t trust them to fix the problem.  Just because someone is confident you have a transmission issue, it doesn’t mean they are qualified to repair your vehicle.

Do Your Homework

Not all transmission repairs are made equal, and someone without extensive experience in transmission work may overcharge or provide subpar service. Before calling the first name in the phone book, do your due diligence. Read online reviews of area transmission shops, verify the accreditation of the technicians you are considering, and ask family and friends for recommendations. Your transmission is an important part of your car, and you should choose a transmission shop with a good reputation and a specialization that meets your unique needs.

Most general automotive shops do not have technicians experienced to disassemble and repair a transmission.  Often these shops sell the job to a customer and then takes the vehicle to a local transmission specialty shop to get the job done.  Cut out the middleman and go straight to the specialty shop.  In many cases, you’ll save money.

Another dirty secret of the transmission repair industry is that many shops no longer have in-house transmission rebuilders.  Rather, many “transmission experts” buy transmissions from national 3rd party rebuilders and in the process lose control over the quality of YOUR transmission.  If you go to a transmission repair shop, always ask if they will repair YOUR transmission and if it is being done with a technician in-house.

Get Quotes

The cost of transmission work can vary greatly from one resource to another, and not all transmission shops will be in your budget. Reputable shops are often very transparent about pricing, breaking down the hours of labor, the parts needed, and the specific repair work necessary. If a shop can’t offer a quote or is quoting you a high figure without justification, it may be worth exploring other options to ensure a fair price. In many cases, shops will quote you unbelievable low prices just to get you in the door.  In those situations, they will either hike the price later or perform low quality work.  Both situations are frustrating for customers looking for an honest and reliable transmission shop.

A great transmission shop can be a critical resource for your car, helping you to identify and repair problems early to keep your car on the road as long as possible. However, finding the right fit can be easier said than done, especially if you aren’t sure where to start looking. When searching for a reliable and reputable transmission shop, be sure any requested work is necessary, verify legitimacy, read reviews, confer with family and friends, and get service quotes so that you can move forward with confidence.

We recommend reading customer reviews and understanding the culture of a shop.  Advanced Transmission Center has been the leading transmission repair shop in Denver for over three decades in both Lakewood and Wheat Ridge, the reviews speak for themselves.  Come in and we will provide you with a free TrueTestTM inspection.

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