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Is My Transmission Leaking?

Don’t worry, that red puddle under your car isn’t a sign your vehicle is dying, but it is an indication of a problem. Transmission fluid is normally colored red so you can distinguish it from the other liquids you use to keep your vehicle running smoothly. A slow leak may give you more time to take your car for a repair, but even a slow leak can quickly turn into a bigger issue. A puddle of red fluid, or any fluid, under your car is not the only way to identify a leak, but it is often the easiest to notice!

Is My Transmission Leaking?How Do I Know?

Just like checking your oil, you can inspect the dipstick for your transmission fluid as well! You may not have noticed a puddle, but if your fluid is low, it can indicate a slow leak that has gone undetected. Another less noticeable sign of a transmission leak is difficult or irregular shifting. While problematic shifting can be the sign of several different transmission issues, it is a great reminder to check your transmission fluid and have your vehicle taken in for further diagnosis.

Why is it Leaking?

The only way to truly know the cause of a transmission leak is to have a technician inspect and diagnose the underlying issue. There are several reasons your transmission may be leaking, such as an accident, old fluid, or normal wear and tear. All fluids in your car should be checked and changed regularly, so be sure to read your owner’s manual to find out when your transmission fluid needs to be changed. This can help keep your transmission running its best and may prevent further damage from occurring. An accident could have punctured your transmission fluid reservoir or jarred it loose causing a leak. We highly recommend a full vehicle inspection after a collision to ensure your vehicle is in proper working condition.

Is it Safe to Drive?

When you check your transmission fluid dipstick, you will be able to tell how much fluid is left in your tank. A low reading is a cause for concern and you should have your vehicle inspected immediately. It is dangerous to drive so it would be best to have the vehicle towed into your trusted transmission repair shop as soon as possible. Driving with low fluid can cause severe damage to a transmission. It is also important to see a specialist to change or add fluid given the highly complex and detergent nature transmission fluids. Time does not heal in these scenarios, so do not delay in bringing your vehicle in for inspection!

Advanced Transmission Center is your one-stop-shop for all transmission service and repair needs. We offer the TrueTestTM Inspection for free, which helps us exactly diagnose the problem and returns you to daily living with a fully-functioning transmission. We also offer free towing with service if your car is not driveable or low on fluid. Contact us today or stop in to receive your free diagnosis!

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