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Transmission Services in Arvada

Transmission services in Arvada at Advanced Transmission are vast. We offer many specialized services for nearly all vehicles, both new and old. It doesn’t matter the age of your vehicle, you will likely need some sort of transmission repair, and we hope to be the place you choose when these issues arise. Transmission failures can be a nightmare, but with the expert care and knowledge of our mechanics, we can make it right and save you the headache. While our services extend to more than what we will mention here, we want to highlight several of our most popular transmission services.

Automatic Transmission Repair and Servicing

With ever-changing technology in the auto industry, all of our transmission center technicians are transmission specialists rather than repair generalists. This allows our technicians an advantage in their field because they know the ins and outs of automatic transmission repair and the computer-controls involved in the shifting process.

Manual/Standard Transmission Repair and Servicing

While newer manual cars are rare, there are plenty of older vehicles on the road that will require transmission repair and servicing. Scheduling a regular check-up for your manual transmission is recommended to ensure proper working condition, but if you notice any difference in how your vehicle drives, responds, or sounds, be sure to have it checked. Our TrueTestTM Inspection can help determine if you have a clutch or transmission problem.

Power Flush

Our unique transaction transmission power flush equipment is the only flush machine with the capability to change 100% of your transmission fluid and your filter. This prolongs the life of your transmission and allows you peace of mind that your transmission is running up to speed. Your owner’s manual will be able to tell you the intervals for the vehicle, but we can tell you how often and which fluids you should replace with. We don’t believe in “lifetime” fluids but we do believe in helping you prolong the life of your transmission. We highly recommend changing your fluids regularly.

Four-Wheel Drive

Four-wheel drive systems are complex and require special attention and knowledge that our mechanics and technicians can provide. There are several electronic components involved in the four-wheel drive system, especially those that allow you to change in and out of four-wheel drive with just the push of a button. Some vehicles have an auto or automatic settings which can often be the source of electrical issues. While we specialize in transmission repair and services, we offer our TrueTest Inspection to determine an accurate diagnosis for your vehicle.
Advanced Transmission offers vast transmission services in Arvada at an affordable price with highly experienced mechanics and technicians. Our services are available to dozens of makes and models and our technicians are trained to assess, repair, and replace all kinds of transmission issues you may be facing. If you are in need of transmission services, contact us today!
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