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Lakewood Transmission Repair: Customer Reviews on Citysearch

Lakewood Transmission RepairAt Advanced Transmission Center, we love hearing feedback from our customers! Whether in person, via mail, or at any on the online review sites, customer feedback helps us to continually evaluate the service we provide and look for ways to better serve our customers. Every member of the Lakewood transmission repair center staff feels tremendous pride when we receive positive feedback from our customers.

A recent review on Citysearch.com is no exception. Citysearch is a widely-used website that hosts customer reviews on all sorts of businesses around the country. This is what one Advanced Transmission Center customer recently wrote about his experience with us:

I highly reccommend the team at Advance Transmission in Lakewood. I needed a fluid and filter change for my CVT transmission, so I called the service manager George, and after a few questions I was sure this guy knew what he was doing. He gave me an honest quote, set up an appointment, and had the parts ready for me when I arrived. Great professional work and advice from the technician who serviced my car. No question as to using them again or recommending them to friends and coworkers.” – William B.

Thanks for your great review William, we enjoyed working with you and we hope to see you again soon! And William is just one of many happy customers who have written reviews of our Lakewood transmission repair shop around the web.

How To Use This Information
We publicize our customer reviews—and the websites that host them—because we are committed to never sending a customer home dissatisfied. It’s our high-quality services, from manual transmission repair to power flushes to many other options, that motivate customers to go home and write us great testimonials. If you have an engine issue and are looking for a trusted repair center, then call one of our Advanced Transmission Center locations.

Call our Northwest Denver center at (303) 351-5088303-647-5257, our Southwest Denver center at (720) 463-5056303-816-3856, or set up an appointment online.

How do you react when you are thrilled with a company’s service?

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