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Olympic Inspirations

clutch repair DenverEven though the Olympic torch has been extinguished in Sochi, memories not only of inspiring feats of athleticism, but also courage, kindness and perseverance that were exhibited by the athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games continue to warm our hearts. The Advanced Transmission Center team followed our athletes with avid interest and each day attempts to work that same kind of skill and dedication into the repair work we do for our customers. We believe that it doesn’t matter if you are a skier, skater, transmission specialist or a chef, as long as you are a leader in your craft and deliver a great performance every day.

Here’s a look at just some of the moments that still inspire our Denver clutch repair technicians at Advanced Transmission Center.

Jeremy Abbott
It was supposed to be the performance of a lifetime, but Jeremy Abbott, a U.S. figure skater who crashed hard into the ice and hit the boards after attempting a quad toe loop in the men’s short program, taught us more in his moment of defeat than he would have if his performance was flawless. Seconds seemed to drag on as millions watched—at home and in person—as he lay motionless on the ice. Slowly he pulled himself up, got his legs under him to ultimately skate the rest of his performance as close to perfect as you can get while in major pain. Not a medal, but cheers and eventually a standing ovation by the mostly Russian crowd were Abbott’s reward. This scene in Sochi exhibited the power of humans to join together—no matter the differences that separate them—to celebrate an inspiring achievement.

Gus Kenworthy
Gus Kenworthy, a U.S. freestyle skier, walked away from the Games with not only a silver in freestyle skiing, but also with Jake, Mama and Mischka, stray pups he found while in Russia and then adopted after a lengthy process with the Russian government. While in Sochi, Kenworthy raised international awareness about the plight of strays in the area, and inspired many people to donate to Humane Society International and other animal welfare agencies.

Noelle Pikus-Pace
After a freak accident broke her right leg dashing her hopes to compete in Torino in 2006 and missing the podium in Vancouver by one-tenth of a second, American skeleton competitor Noelle Pikus-Pace came out of retirement and was rewarded with a silver medal in Sochi. As a mother of two, Pikus-Pace not only is an inspiration for the way she could juggle family with the intensity of Olympic training, but also for not giving up or letting her narrow defeat in 2010 keep her down.

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What inspired you at the 2014 Winter Olympics?


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