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Lakewood Transmission Center Honors Warranty

Despite our best efforts, sometimes things break.  The important thing is how the customer is handled when things go wrong.  At Advanced Transmission Center, we have well-defined and documented procedures for handling issues when they arise.  We are 100% focused on diagnosing the issue and getting the customer back on the road as fast as possible.  The last thing you want is to argue with a mechanic about who is responsible for your repair, in other words, dealing with the fine print on your warranty.  Our standard warranty is just three lines long. NO FINE PRINT.  When something breaks, like it did for the customer below, we fix it, fast.

Advanced Transmission Center Five Star Review

Google Review, Melissa VK

“My car got towed in on a Wednesday AM and was able to be picked up three days later on Friday @ 4:30pm. Jarrett was in consistent communication with me, which was amazing. Less than 6 days, and 400 miles later, the transmission is worse than when I had brought it in. I have left them a vm tonight. The transmission that was rebuilt has the standard 2yr, 24,000 mile warranty that is standard with a transmission rebuild. Jarrett returned my call at 8:05a, the next Morning, and I brought my car. They test drove and and couldn’t tell at that point that anything was wrong with it. After getting the codes back, it appeared that the newly installed solenoid was defective. It was a easy 45 minute fix. I drove to work, and Jarrett called me at 11:15 to let me know that they now had the part in stock It was 15 minutes to repair, and so far the car is working like a newly rebuilt transmission should be. They apologized and said that this was very rare to have defective. The solenoid was replaced under the 24,000/2 year warranty. I am happy with they way the communicated with me and let me know everything up front.”

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