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Get The Right Diagnosis Before Costly Car Repairs

At Advanced Transmission Center, we believe nothing is more important that the diagnosis. We hear stories like the one below every day.  Whether due to experience or expedience, there is a common tendency in the auto repair world to replace parts that aren’t actually broken.  Our TrueTest™ Inspection combines computerized diagnostics with multi-point physical inspection to guarantee that we only fix what is actually broken.  Often that wins us the gratitude of customers who’ve been quoted much more extensive repair estimates for work that is not needed as with the customer below.

Advanced Transmission Center Five Star Review

 Google Review, Max P

“I took my car to the dealership where it was diagnosed needing a new clutch. Being a dealership, they wanted $2600 for the entire thing. Advanced Transmission’s quote was over a grand less for the same thing. After taking it in, they diagnosed the issue as needing a new master/slave cylinder for the clutch pedal which much less than a new clutch. They quickly got the job done and it works flawlessly. I really appreciated their due diligence in diagnosing the real issue and getting it fixed fast.”


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