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Have the Confidence to Do What You Believe

How do you make the choices you make in your life? Much of this has to do with your level of self-confidence.

We know it sounds like somewhat of a departure coming from a Denver transmission repair shop, but as a strong community partner, one of our goals is to help those in our community to become more successful.  One of the ways we believe this is possible, is to help everyone live with more self-confidence.

Fortunately for all of us, self-confidence is something that each of us can learn how to improve upon.  It just takes the right skills and the right approach.

In this post, we are going to focus on helping you begin to identify your behavior.  As you go through your week and you make decisions, ask yourself:

1)    Am I doing what I believe to be right, even at the risk that others might criticize or mock me? – Self-Confident

2)    Am I governing my behavior because I am worried about what other people might think? – Low Self-Confidence

One of the keys to building your self-confidence is being aware.  As you are at work, talking with friends, and making your decisions this week, make a mental note of how you are making your decisions. Are you doing this with self-confidence?  Are you surrounding yourself with a network of friends and resources who can help guide you to make great choices?

Start here and see how you are doing.  Next month we will add some additional self-awareness tips for you to consider.

How to use this Information

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