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Denver Transmission Repair Center Applauded for Honesty

“I’m pretty sure you were the guy in the shop last Thursday when I took my black 2001 Honda Civic HX in to have the transmission evaluated. Thanks to your honesty, you found no problem.

I didn’t tell you the complete story and feel like I need to since I don’t want to leave you with the erroneous impression that Ralph Schomp told me something was wrong when it wasn’t. Originally Ralph Schomp told me the input bearing was grinding. I purchased a used transmission from Stadium Auto Parts and took it to High Country Transmission telling them it came from a Honda Civic EX (which I discovered by obtaining a CarFax report) rather than an HX telling them not to install it unless it was right for my car.

They installed it without checking anything and it turned out to be the wrong transmission for my car. High Country refused to do anything to correct the problem. I called Stadium Auto Parts and after they investigated it they determined that the transmission had been misinventoried as an HX. At no charge to me they rebuilt my original and re-installed it in my car.

Since I didn’t notice any difference in the way it drove before any of the work was done and after it was done, I took it to you to see if there was any problem.

If I had done Internet research first instead of relying on the recommendation of the dealer who sold me the car, I wouldn’t have had any of the trouble I had because I would have taken it to you to begin with!

I nominated Advanced Transmission to be a GOOD GUY at the following website: www.consumeraffairs.com/goodguys

It may take a few days before the nomination process is complete.

Thank you again for your honesty.


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