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Three Generations of Trusted Transmission Repair

As the owner of Advanced Transmission Centers, there is nothing that makes me happier than a satisfied customer.  The confidence our great customers have in us in inspiring.  We have helped three generations with their transmission problems.  In the first years of Advanced transmission Center we repaired transmissions for cars and trucks made in the 1970’s.  Many of our customers from that time have come back with newer cars.  Some have come back with, or referred their kids.  Now we are seeing the kids of those kids.  It is a great feeling to know that our team has earned the confidence of multiple generations.

I want to share a short letter I received from one of our customers that had a problem with a part we installed in this Ford Ranger.

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I really appreciate the way you stand behind your work. Not only did I have a good experience with your company while I was in Denver, but my experience with you and your company was really a pleasure even after I moved out of state. My truck drives so much better, and Bill here at Roadmasters did a great job. Finding honest people in this business is a difficult thing. I’m really glad that I decided to use Advanced Transmission Center.  If you ever need a reference feel free to contact me. Thank you again.”

Ken L.

Ken had moved out of state when he had a problem with a slave cylinder we had replaced in his Ford Ranger.  He called us to discuss the problem.  We found a shop in his area and worked with that shop to get him back on the road quickly.

You can be confident with the repair of your transmission at Advanced Transmission Center.  We do our very best to never have a problem after any repair.  Transmissions are very complicated with many moving parts and electronic controls.  If any one of those parts fails, the transmission will not work properly.  In that rare event that a part fails, your warranty is with Advanced Transmission Center.  Our venders and suppliers warrant the parts to us.  That is between us and our vendors.  We will never make your warranty dependent on our vendors.  If any part fails, we will honor our warranty and repair your transmission at no cost to you.

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