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Transmission Parts – Automatic Transmissions

Continue our education on the parts of a transmission in the next few posts by telling you more about gears.  An automatic transmission, although you don’t change the gears yourself, has gears and uses a torque converter instead of clutch to manage the connection between the transmission gearing and the engine.  In automatic transmissions you must select your mode such as Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive and sometimes options of Overdrive, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Some makes and models may have additional modes to choose from.  To select a mode a driver moves a lever either on the steering column or on the floor.  Automatic transmissions are traditionally easier to drive than a manual.  If you are having problems setting your automatic into a particular mode, find that your care is slipping out of a mode, or feeling grinding or catching when you change modes contact Advanced Transmission for a free inspection today.  By giving you some basic knowledge and facts about the parts of a transmission and how they work, we hope that you’ll be more aware of potential problems and bring your vehicle in before major problems arise.  Advanced Transmission technicians want to make sure your vehicle is working properly and safely on the road.  Bring yours in today!

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